The Situation

The Citizenry is a globally inspired decor brand selling artisan-made home goods. Founders Carly and Rachel met with us when their startup was in its infancy: they were months away from launching their brand and needed a way to sell online.

They needed Telegraph to help make their online retail brand a reality.

What We Did

We built a custom, elegant, and intuitive online shopping experience on a budget. And work with their team on a weekly basis to make improvements on the initial build.

Initial Results

The Citizenry launched in Fall 2013 and sold out of their first collection. They have since grown to a 10-person team and are constantly hiring , have released several new collections, and have reported sales in the millions.

Ongoing Work Now an ongoing partnership, Telegraph is continually developing strategies and extending the web platform for their growing brand. This includes UX enhancements, performance optimization, targeted landing pages, and mobile improvements to name a few.


The Citizenry raised $1 million last summer. And their sales, which are in the millions, have more than quadrupled from 2015 to 2016.

The quantifiable value of our involvement is a story best told with analytics. In collaboration with their team, we’ve released numerous UX improvements and targeted landing pages that have increased conversion rates.

The intangible value is a story best told with how we’ve become an integral part of Citizenry’s team. Because we’re an active strategic partner, not a production shop, we contribute our ideas and expertise to improve their digital space. This means using technology to alleviate pain points for customers and for their internal team.

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Ctznry Detail Prod Update 03

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