Southfork was a lunch delivery service with a mission: bring healthy, convenient lunches to busy folks. By partnering with local farm to table restaurants, they intended to use technology to help bring the slow food concept to the workplace. They had a concept, vision, and ideal location. What they lacked was the tech to support it.

What We Did

Their goal was to launch an app where customers could see their daily menu options, place an order, and receive delivery updates via SMS. Simple was the matra. On the daily menu, we needed to surface options, price, and dietary attributes right away. The checkout flow had to be intuitive and explicit to avoid any confusion with delivery.

On the backend, they needed two admin systems: one to manage the daily menus and customer orders and another to coordinate and manage meal deliveries. For the delivery guys, we zeroed in on their only use-case: mobile screens. We highlighted total meals by item and pertinent contact information to assist with easy pickup. To assist with smooth delivery, we surfaced vital order information grouped by building and the ability to easily send SMS notifications to the customer.

Sadly, Southfork stepped into the game a little too late. In a matter of months Uber Eats, Caviar, Favor, along with other venture capital startups dominated the meal delivery game and our friends at Southfork moved onto bigger, better things.

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