RoeMeOh! is a time-saving, all-in-one app to help support LulaRoe Retailers sell online. Our friends at Zaengle had already teed up development of RMO, when they reached out to us for help with the interface design. 

What We Did

The MVP was underway and the project had a name, but not a brand. We got to work immediately on a simple, friendly logo for the inventory management app. The icon itself is abstract, but is often interpreted as a stack of boxes or hearts, which was intention. RMO exists at the intersection of useful tech and a team who deeply cares about their customers. In turn, these customers are often very passionate about their business.

We carried these principles over into the interface design. Our primary objective was not just to design something pretty that worked, but we intended to craft an experience that was thoughtful and prescriptive.

This started with a unique approach to the admin views: each area of focus was separated into it’s own ‘dashboard’. The Online Pop-Up dashboard put shop alerts, customer messages, and incoming orders first. The Inventory Management dashboard surfaced sales analytics, fulfillment statuses, and tip. On dashboard for physical Pop-Ups shops, we stripped back all admin tools to focus on easy order entry.

We designed a user-friendly suite of tools for business owners and an engaging shopping experience for their customers. The app is currently in private Beta.

Roe Detail 02 L
Roe Detail 05

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