Peacock Alley is a leading designer and retailer of luxury bedding and bath basics based right here in Dallas, TX. Looking to target a younger generation, they hired Tractorbeam to redesign their site and create a digital marketing strategy to help increase online sales. This missing link? Making their beautiful designs into a functioning and responsive website.

What We Did

Together with Tractorbeam we crafted a beautiful, responsive shopping experience for brand loyalists and first-time buyers across multiple generations. We also worked directly with the client’s Magento development team to ensure that our front-end deliverables would seamlessly integrate with their backend framework.


The new website’s launch coincided with a savvy, targeted Digital Marketing Campaign by TractorBeam. As a result of our collective efforts, Peacock Alley saw a 27% Year-Over-Year Revenue Increase.

Pcalley Detail 02

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