Irving Bible Church


Irving Bible Church exists to live out the transforming love of Jesus through worship, community, and service. Although they have an incredibly innovative communications department, their site was clunky and frustrating to manage.

What We Did

IBC approached us with initial designs and a plea for help. We started with a full audit of their existing site to identify the greatest pain points for site managers and visitors. Due to our findings, we steered their team towards CraftCMS and a modular design approach.

With Craft, we equipped their team with an easy-to-use content building tool instead of an archaic content editor. With modular design, enabled them with extendable design patterns instead of locked templates. It was about more than enabling creative people to do their best work, but also about making each page a unique, welcoming experience in the same way each facet of the community is a unique, welcome experience.

We released a site that’s more focused and streamlined; a richer experience welcoming newcomers and members alike.

Ibc Detail 02
Ibc Detail 04

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