The InMoment system of products and services is built on three key principles: listening, understanding, and sharing. Their site was confusing and cold, which didn’t align with their offerings or core values.

Our talented friends at Underbelly tapped us for help with the visual design of their new marketing site, while they focused on the product design and development.

What We Did

We began by establishing a visual language with a Style Guide that outlined not only use of typography, color, and UI components, but also illustration style and use of photography. Further, because the three key principles were the focal point of their marketing strategy, we paired each with a unique color and icon. For Understand, we tapped into the qualities of turquoise: clarity, growth, and stability.

We streamlined the navigation, trimmed up the content, and placed touch points throughout the marketing site to encourage engagement. The result was a more focused, cohesive experience that aligned with their brand.

Inmoment Detail 02
Inmoment Detail 04

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