Genome Magazine


Genome is a quarterly magazine focused on personalized medicine, disturbed in both digital and print forms. On the eve of their first issue, they sought out Telegraph to design and develop a website, the digital companion to their printed distribution.

What We Did

A big request from their Creative Director was the ability to tailor the reading experience of each Cover Story. They wanted to customize the layout, colors, typography, and key UI components for each story to align with its art direction. We achieved this by designing a modular layout with discrete and reusable modules. We also added custom publishing tools to their CMS, giving them fine-tuned control over every story’s styles.

This allowed their creative team to dream big, because we’d removed the limiting factors and the need for custom development for every Cover Story.


The end product is an immersive reading experience, accessible to audiences across generations and devices.

Genome Detail 02
Genome Detail 04

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