Project Magazine Focus Interview with Courtney

It's no secret to well, anyone, that we both love climbing. Still, it came as a surprise when Project Magazine, an online climbing and lifestyle magazine, asked to interview me!

It was a direct, simple conversation about my background and path to design, inspiration, advice for other designers, and all the shit creatives are supposed to talk about. But seriously, it was a real treat to be on the receiving end of those questions for a change.

My favorite moment was when Neal asked, what I thought was a very relevant question about the shift towards user-focused design. My rather meandering answer ended with this, and I think it needs taped to my monitor on especially frustrating days as reminder:

Ultimately, user-first design is an opportunity to stay humble, teachable and 100% focused on getting it right instead of being right. Clients that value user-first design will adopt this methodology and process for building their digital products, but their brand has to fully embody it—marketing, sales, operations, etc. Everyone needs to buy in for it to be successful. Only then can user-first design make a sustainable, measurable impact. 

You can read the full interview here.